I was sent to Malaysia,

With the intention of studying for university,

Not knowing, the person who will steal my heart lives in the same building,

It was a Saturday night after a good swim in the pool,

When I saw her, I became speechless,

And with the sparks in her eyes, I could see the whole universe,

I told myself “what am I doing”?.

I’m not a one woman man, I want to be free,

But who am I lying to,

She already captured my heart,

I was imprisoned by her love,

I was found guilty for loving her,

I ran up to my house,

Put some clean cloth and nice perfume,

Didn’t know what was happening to me,

I told myself” Oh boy I’m in trouble!!”,

I ran down hoping to meet her again,

Wondering if she was a real human, not a fairy tale beauty angel,

I waited around the building for her to show up, so I can talk to her,

Like a lost soul looking for a body to settle down,

And there she came,

Oh boy!!, she gets prettier and prettier as time goes on,

For a moment there I thought she wasn’t the same girl,

Oh boy!! That’s what happen when you fall in love,

Because she conquered my heart and soul, every time I see her

It seems like the first time I look into her eyes,

Oh boy!! The beauty of love,

My heart was beating fast,

I could feel it running away from me to reach her before me,

I became jealous of me and raced my heart to her,

Oh boy!! What’s happening to me,


10 thoughts on “Oh Boy!!

  1. I love this line in your poem
    “Like a lost soul looking for a body to settle down”
    This poem is rich with movement, I felt I was right there experiencing what you were experiencing…
    excellent…well done!

  2. owh how sweet it this poem. i would do the same for me.. this is so romantic. making ur feeling in such beautiful words. amazing.

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