So today I woke up not happy not angry, but fed up with life. I just felt like moving everything out of my room except my mattress and a small chair. Felt like I just want to be in an empty room, with a scented candle in the corner of my room.

I was really fed-up with life.

I guess it’s one of those days where you just don’t know what you have done in your life that is of a good use to someone, yourself or your family. And when you realize that you didn’t achieve any or disappointed someone it totally changes your mood. And it’s because you really care about what people think of you more than what you think of yourself. People, sometimes you have got to stop thinking or even caring about the people around you, to take one step ahead. You can’t help the people around you and do things for them at the same time that you are trying to move forward. It’s too much stress for you, don’t live up to people’s expectations, just do what you are good at and continue your path whether others like it or not. Sometimes you’ll have to let the people, who are counting on you, down and it’s not your fault. Because you also have to live for yourself and follow whatever you choose (freedom of choice). Humanity has passed that stage where your elders force you to be someone or do something, just to carry on the family traditions. We are way ahead of that era. We have diversities, overseas connections and our right to choose. But whatever you do, you should never forget to pay back any favor from any person who helped or supported you during your journey of life. It doesn’t have to be soon, but make sure you at-least thanks them.

Candle light

candle light


2 thoughts on “Stop caring too much

  1. I agree that it is inevitable that we will let other people down and we will not meet everyone’s expectations but I don’t think we have to stop caring about them. It’s good to take a step back, get a right perspective, prioritise. And yet even amid letting others down you can still love them dearly… because actually, sometimes the best thing you can do for them is show them that they need not to depend on you for feeling okay, because you are only human…. know what I mean? It’s easy to feel like there are a bunch of people who rely on you and that their lives would go topsy turvy if it wasn’t for you, and secretly, despite the pressure, we can enjoy that ‘saviour’ role. But in reality the world will keep on turning without us, and sooner or later we will not be able to maintain the ‘saviour’ role. xx :]

    • i know i can’t always be someone’s savior, but sometimes i just like the feeling of knowing i can be there for someone just like they are constantly there for me.

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