Memories of the people we love,

Roams around the room and inside our hearts,

Every time I look, touch or hear something about them, a flash of memories fly by in front of my eyes,

My heart aches with pain and a cloud of sadness flies upon my head,

Sitting alone in the same place where I shared a laughter or a tear with you,

Wishing if I can go back in time and pause those moments,

I might not appreciate those moments then, but after you passed away,

I’m regretting every moment I missed without you,

Here I am sitting alone in the room trying to find someone to joke with, who understands me,

And all I have is memories of our moments,

Sometimes I wonder if I can find a friend like you,

But every time I find someone all I can think about is our friendship,

Losing someone is hard, and what makes it harder,

Is trying to throw away any memory,

And because I can’t throw them away,

I have to sit and learn how to cope with the loss,


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