So I’m sitting on the bed all bored out of my life,

Nothing todo at all just trying to sleep and writting somethings,

Putting thoughts together and organizing ideas,

Who am I kidding my mind is blank,

It’s empty inside with a small purple light in the corner,

Trying to figure out what’s it’s purpose but I can’t,

Sometime small insignificant things in your life never seem important,

Untill that moment comes and you miss them or wish you could have them again,

So is that purple beam of light important?,

What will happen if my mind was totally dark?,

Will I take the wrong direction and be evil?,

Based on the sense that ghosts and evils like the darkness,

What if my darkness became fully lightning, will I go insane?,

Because too much of a something ruins the whole picture,

Our brains works in a very misterious ways,

Some people are very creative with the dark side,

While other are creative with the bright side,

So after all weither the light in your brain is on or off, you can do something,

You have no excuse not to work your brain,

Because it can works in any condition,

The trick is to control the light in your brain,

Don’t burn the light and don’t cut the light source from it,


candle light


8 thoughts on “Poem Unknown

  1. I like this! At least we all have one thing in common, that we are all alone in our own minds. “This little light of mine, im gonna let it shine”

    • Yeah man, I think you can share anything even your heart ,when you fall in love,… but no matter what, you can never share your mind with someone.

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