I have a girlfriend as beutiful as my eyes could see,

She is a wonderful person more than I have ever wished for,

She is always there when I need her,

Never let me down,

We have alot of differences but also many similarities,

We are like north and south pole,

Very close to each other but once in a while,

I have to turn and repel her,

Sometime I feel like moving away from her,

Fly away to another house,

Knowing I will never find a home like her home,

It’s a wonderful feeling to be around her,

I’m in a big dilama here,

Stay and hurt the only person I love from time to time,

Or leave and deal my scare for life,

I’m a hard person to live with, I do admit it,

I’m even harder to change, or listen to people,

Which road should I take?

Oh I want her,

Baby I still want you and I can’t help it,

Sometime you have to let amazing things in life to go,

Sometimes I just wish to hold you tight,

But I know I’ll just hurt u again and again,

I’m sorry,

yellow flower

10 thoughts on “My Girl

    • very beautiful..yet sad.. sometimes all that we as man need to let our women know how much we care even though we hurt them so much because, well we are men.. :-D.. Im guessing you are Mr Memo’s gf, Abichica is a ridiculously cute name by the way,:-D Anyway, know that its mostly not our fault that we hurt women, its just the way we are built.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I hope you showed this to your girlfriend.. It’s very romantic.. Sometimes relationships are hard because the man simply does not or can not love his woman anymore, but i can see that your love for your girl is so deep and it hurts your to see her hurting. But sometimes we as women don’t wanna be left because we are hurt, like you said “Sometime I feel like moving away from her,Fly away to another house”.. The best thing to do is to just love her to the best of your capacity and be thankful that she loves you so much.. Again, terrific poem.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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