loving his family, loving his life,

Taking care of his friends and working hard to be on top,

A person who was sent overseas to build a bright future,

He studied hard and succeeded in building his future overseas,

Just like any loving son, he never forgot the love to his mother and his sisters,

I heard many stories about him from my grandma,

She was always proud of him, and she loved him like no other love,

She never stopped talking about him and showing me his pictures,

I pictured him in my mind as a very responsible person, from my grandma stories,

I really started to like him before seeing him,

One day as he was at the top of his profession he decided to come back home,

He became home-sick and wanted to take care of his family, especially his mother,

Only then i got to meet him personaly, and hoping he hadn’t changed,

Time went by, days became weeks and weeks became months,

I enjoyed all the time we spent together with the gathering of relatives and family,

I could see the laughter in my Aunt’s eyes every-time they saw their little brother,

I saw the happiness in my grandma’s eyes, It meant the world for her to see all her beloved children enjoying their moments,

After a long time of overseas separation,

I saw my uncle as an interesting person to spend time with,

He was better than i ever imagined he would be,

He is a person who you would love to spend all your time with,

An understanding person who pays attention to anything you say,

A person who will really listen to you and truly consider it, no matter how old are you,

He never did anything without discussing it with his family, from the eldest to the youngest,

His love for his mother couldn’t be measured, he was a slave in her love castle,

He never said no, never argued with her, never frowned in her face,

I’m sure my grandma is smiling at him right now from heaven (ameen),

She never said anything bad about him to me,

I love the way he treats everyone with respect,

And talks to every-person based on his/her level,

He always fixes any and every arguments between his nephews and nieces,

Months became years and a wonderful woman came and toke him from us :D,

From that moment i knew he will make an amazing father,

A father who is also a friend to his sons/daughters,

A caring and understanding Father who listens to his children,

I never felt what it means to have a second family,

I felt it when i saw My uncle, his wife and their children around me,

I felt the warmness of a house, I would love to say home,

But no matter what, no one can replace my Mother and Father,

I really felt like part of his family, i loved spending time and enjoy the games with Yousuf and Adam,

He trusts me with them as if im their big brother,

Even though i used to buy them some sweets that they weren’t allowed to eat,

I couldn’t say no to them, I often forget they are my cousins; they were more like my small brothers,

I envy them for having such an amazing Father and wonderful caring Mother,

Even with her language barrier among the relatives she is a sister to them,

Enjoying all the moments,

You don’t have to speak the same language to show love and laughter,

Its true love knows no language or color,

I do pray after a while Yousuf and Adam understand how lucky they are to have such parents,

And do whatever they can to be helpful and not an obstacle in their parents’ life,

He is like any other person,


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