Baby don’t cry becuse you are leaving me,
Love is amazing and fragile,
A road with spikes will break it,
I know I’ll never find someone like you,
I know love will be a fairy tale to me after you leave,
Your tears are very expensive to,
It’s easier to hold a fire in my hand than to see your tear,
I’m sorry for what I put you through,
Baby I can’t change no more,
Baby I change too much am not a stable person,
Baby I love you,
But as long as I’m hurting you and I can’t leave you,
You should leave me,
Baby don’t cry,
I’m not giving up on you,
I have tried to find other girls,
Baby I couldn’t stay with them,
When ever I try I see your smile,
Never enjoys their laughter nor the good time,
I’m hooked to you,
Baby I’ll be back,
I have seen many break ups,
And I have seen many memories washed away by the sea shores,
And blown away by the winds,
Our memories are graved in my heart,
And when I come back,
I’m giving you my heart,
Baby when I’m back I’ll do anything to have you back,
Crawling on the floor till you forgive me,
For what I put you through,
Our memories will always be safe in my heart,


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