Future is like a building, designed by the builder,
Like a kid playing Lego,
Every brick represents something in life,
If you play them right you will build a good design,
If not, the design falls apart,
You can read Lego in-structures to design your future,
Or you can design it yourself,
But designing your own future, isn’t easy,
You should expect failure from time to time,
The important thing is to stand up again dust your-self,
And prepare to design your future again,
You have to be strong to make your own design,
On the Other hand, as you follow the instructions,
You aren’t discovering any other moves or different designs,
This is good if you aren’t confident enough to work alone,
They are both good for anyone to start with,
Just remember to dust yourself up after you fail,
And don’t throw the Lego away with any future to design,




4 thoughts on “Future…

  1. Inspirational! I liked it…I also like the new look of your blog, it looks great! Keep on writing!

  2. Yep keep dusting yourself off and trying again – that is one of my mottos and clearly kids have us beat in the ‘try and don’t care if we look silly’ stakes. Nice poem.

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