Shame on you Arabs,

Who ruined the thinking of Islam,

Shame on you Arabs,

Who mixed your religion with your culture and said this is Islam,

Shame on you Arabs,

Who showed Islam in its worst form,

As a killing religion, as a hatred religion, as a violent religion,

Its hard to believe that what is so called as “Muslims brotherhood” became like a wolf,

With his mouth dripping blood,

A Muslim’s blood became very cheap for others,

What happened to the dignity of a Muslim,

What happened to “Muslims are one body”

What happened to “A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others.” [Sahih Muslim],

What I see nowadays from torturing and kidnapping of people,

Just change my whole prospective of the word Islam,

since when Islam said killing is easy?,

Since when Islam said torturing is allowed?,

Since when Islam said humiliating  your brother is allowed?,

Since when Islam said oppress women rights?,

Since when the word Islam doesn’t mean “Peace”?,

Since when we became the opposite of, “They are to be “strong against unbelievers but compassionate amongst each other [Al-Fat-h 48:29]”?,

People who calls themselves Muslims and fight in the name of Islam,

Without even understanding the meaning of Islam,

I tell them stop ruining our beautiful religion,

Go make your own religion,

Stop making excuses and deceiving Islam,

Islam isn’t the language of Violence nor Blood,

And please try to understand the difference between CULTURE and ISLAM,

Don not be like a cattle wondering around the field with no purpose,

Please try to understand “They do not do injustice to others nor do they tolerate any injustice to themselves. In their love and concern for each other, all members of this Brotherhood are one body: when any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels the pain [Sahih Muslim]”,

We Arabs should be the raw model of Islam,

we were chosen by Allah,

Our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is ARAB,

The language of people in heaven is ARABIC,

The Qur’an (holy book) is in ARABIC,

What else do you need,

peace, war
war, peace

18 thoughts on “Shame on you Arabs

  1. I completely agree with you Mr Memo,i mean having lived in France most of my life, all you ever saw of Arabs was craziness, but as i now live in malaysia among many Arabs, it really isnt the way you thought they are, the only thing i hate about them is that they would do things and say because thats the way it is in their religion, which in fact is really not, so im very glad you u wrote this poem..great writing dude!! 🙂

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