Black or white,
Yellow or brown,
People talk about “One love” “One nation”,
But I look around and see,
People dying from starvation,
While huge millions of dollars worth of parties with food thrown away at the end,
I see,
People looking for coins to save up,
While millions of dollars spent on the space project,
I see,
People trying to search for clean water,
While huge swimming pools are all over the neighborhood,
I see,
People searching all night for shelters to hide from the night,
While 16 years old kids given big houses as birthday gifts,
I see,
People collecting metal scraps to build up a shelter,
While others mentions gold plated walls and door knobs,
I see,
Kids working very hard and at the end they aren’t paid,
While other kids complains about how little they take,
I see,
Men dragging heavy wheel carts with minimum wage,
While some men buy 2 to 3 or even 6 brand new cars for their family,
I see,
Women worried about how they look every moment and buying everything they could even if they don’t need it,
While some women worry about how to feed her new born babies,
I see,
Big medicine companies, spending millions of dollars developing new medicine as well as treatments,
While millions of people die of flu, malaria and other small diseases that could be cured with $10,
I see,
Worldwide organizations with brand new expensive cars, branded suits, and high paying salaries,
and yet, they always ask for help and people are still starving as well as dying from diseases,
Why do they have to pretend they are helping while in-fact its all a marketing strategy to increase their income,
Without any regards for the people who actually need the help,
Aren’t you tired of hearing their promises and nice words?
If you don’t want to help DON’T HELP !!!…

rich and poor

rich and poor


5 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of the Rich

  1. Wow man, it is like you are stealing these words out of my heads.
    Great, and beautiful words. I congratulate you for this great effort!.
    keep up the good work.
    your Pall, Mustafa

  2. …insightful and extremely compassionate/passionate post. I truly enjoyed this post. Empathy and compassion for those less fortunate are the mark of being an exceptional human being. Exceptional post from an exceptional writer, thank you for your insight…

    fellow blogging friend,

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