Send my apology to the woman who introduced me to life,

And tell her, with every step I’m missing her and regretting the

moments I’m spending away from her,

And also with every step I’m happier to meet death in the name of Allah (GOD),

Tell her I don’t have the right to just leave her alone in this world,

But I’m working on greater eternity life in heavens,

Tell her to forgive me, if one day she missed me,

Tell her to forgive me when my disappearance puts her in pain,

Tell her to forgiven me when she finds my room empty,

And ask her to pray for me, as there is no love like mothers love,

Send her my message ” don’t be sad mother, as this life is just a

beginning of pain and sadness for a greater reward”,

And tell her, I would prefer to bleed to death than to see her cry or

in pain,

Tell her, oh mother I’m facing armors and mass destructive weapons

with nothing but a gun, my believes in Allah (GOD), and her prayers,

My gun is my support during the front lines,

My believes are my immune against any breakdown,

And her prayers to comfort me to sleep during the cold night,

War, Egypt, Egyptian Army
Egyptian Victory

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