Just like yesterday you were sitting here on my chair,

Fighting with me over the TV remote,

Wanting to watch America’s next top model,

While, my football game was on,

You always fight with me over anything in the room,

And we end up happily after a hot making love,

Now I’m watching a football game and it’s not fun anymore,

Without you nagging me to change the channel,

You are overseas living your new life without me,

I hope you are enjoying it and having fun,

Or maybe you are sad and missing me,

I look through my window and see your face on the moon,

I see your smile along the moon’s soft glare,

And I can’t help but wonder, if,

I blow a kiss to you will you feel the soft breeze on your lips?,


I throw a hug, will you feel the warmth of my body around you?,


I look directly to the moon,

Will you feel our strong love tension, We shared during the night?,


I said i love you, will you hear my voice and say it back?,


I talked about my day and how hard it was will you hear me?,

And send a warm hug with the breeze for me?,


will you?…..


11 thoughts on “overseas love affection

  1. This is so sad 😦 Very good poem though. By the way, I would have rathered to watch the game with you 🙂 But that’s just me, lol. I really enjoyed your visit to my blog and your comments were great, thanks! God bless

  2. They most certainly do, though my husband and I have many similiarities, we also have a healthy dose of opposites too. Football and Nascar are something we share though, lol. Peace and love 🙂

    • woooooow, you like nascar and football :D, if you are single i’ll be available hahahahahahahah. My gf started to like football tho, hahahaha its kinda when you are around something for long time you get used to it.
      I wish you happiness for entirety

  3. Hahaha! I think it comes from being the only girl with three brothers. I used to bowl too but couldn’t quite get the taste for golf, left that one to the boys, lol. Oh, by the way, I’m taken, sorry 🙂 Love your sense of humor too! Peace 🙂

  4. I meant to comment on this the other day but got distracted. I really like this. It speaks to me now because it is close to a situation I have been in recently. Very nicely done and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

  5. cant read more of your art.. it is to beautiful.. it kills me inside, wonder when will i get all this beautiful words from love of mine. guys have alot of ways to show their love. but urs are so beautiful and sweet. 🙂 ur gf is a very lucky girl.

    • actually I’m the lucky one to have a gf. she deserves a better person, i really drive her crazy. Don’t let sweet words trick you dear. I’m a hard person to live with. sorry to disappoint you

  6. this wrote means sumthing to u isnt it? and y do u said that? evrybody needs sumbody in their life.. id u think she is the best y cant u b one too for her? if u love sum1, making it happy is the best key my dear? and u said she deserves better? so ur telling me that u dont want her? and at the same time u telling me that she is the best.. is that what she want? m sorry. but i hate when it comes to broken heart and all.. cuz i know i love someone. and i really2 love and ill do anything to be with that person and to make him happy.. i know i have no ryte to say this.. its just my opinion.. u should not say she deserve better person.. u should say she deserve more love from u. it is not hard my dear. u drive her crazy becuz u r her evrything if thats what u mean n from my understanding. but really.. ask her what she want. and i bet she want ur love. not a better person.. no one is perfect my dear. hold on to what u have.

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