I was walking down the street,

On a beautiful night,

With a cool warm breeze,

You could taste love in the breeze,

Look up at the moon,

Wondering how amazing it looks,

Bright at night, lightning the way all around me,

Thinking this is the most beautiful an eye could see,

And suddenly I found the moon walking towards me,

I was shocked,

That wasn’t the moon,

I saw the most beautiful girl my eyes could see,

I didn’t believe my eyes, I looked up

Searching for the moon, thinking my eyes were fooling me,

I found the moon shy from her beauty,

Moon’s light was covered by her eye’s glare,

She was the light for the moon’s shine,

Amazed by her beauty the moon went to hide behind the clouds,

The love breeze came from her,

Leaves were falling with music on her side,

And Trees were dancing on the music,

She brings love to everything around it,

I didn’t believe my eyes or her existence,

I ran to the beach knowing nothing can overtake the warmth of the sand,

And the breeze of waves rushing to the shores,

Like a symphony,

I found footsteps on the sad,

That wasn’t washed away by waves,

They were unique and drawn on the sand,

I saw her coming out of the sea like a fairy tale mermaid,

A beautiful half human creature with amazing lean body,

And slim like a cola bottle,

With a crystal like reflection on her body from the moon light,

I couldn’t take my eyes away as she was swimming towards me,

The moment she hit the shore, I saw those magnificent eyes,

God put two stars instead of her eyes,

I spent the night listening to her song, and with the sun rising she disappeared into the sea,

I didn’t know what to do or say,

I came back home and saw my lovely wife,

A lightning strike me with a shock,

She is the mermaid and the night beautiful lady,

She is on my mind everywhere I go,

She lived in my mind and my soul,

I knew I will and should never let her go,

And I’m very grateful and thankful that she chose me and only me.


11 thoughts on “Down the street

  1. when you find someone who loves you the way you describe you should make sure you hold on to them.. beautiful poem.. very well written and expressively romantic.. 🙂

  2. I love the beauty of of the poem. II love the sentiment , you have a gem of a wife I hope that you will always love her as you do now and that she will always love you too. Married love is not praised or written about enough. I love your style so vibrant and suggestive of life and movement.

  3. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I put you on my The Versatile Blogger Award list. If you wish to accept it, just see the related blog post and follow the same steps that I did. Blessings, Terri

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