We became like puppets to our government,

We speak when told to and tell the story that they want us to recite,

If we say NO, next day we are on the death row framed for murder,

They want to control us physically, emotional and mentally if they could,

They tried to make us robots to, listen, obey and do,

The moment they failed to do so, new robotic technology is invented,

They hide behind a dark curtain and plan for the future,

Stop! Who are you to decide what is best for me,

You don’t live in my shoes,

What they are actually planning for is their future and dirtier ways to control humans,

If they could they would replace us with cattle,

Every one of same is the same,

Their dignity and pride raised above the sky with their power and money,

Broken promises, false hope, power abuse, and what they say go. Whether we like it or no,

Wait a minute, we chose you, we voted for you, we put our trust in you,

That’s how you pay us back,

Why some presidents were assassinated?, can you answer me?

Was it because they were bad or they were actually helping people and giving them their rights!!,

I want to remind you,

You came from a mother just like anyone else,

You breathe the same air I breathe,

You drink the same water I drink,

We live under one sun and on one earth,

You will die sooner or later just like anyone else,

Buried underground in the dirt alone with nothing or no one to help you,


2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Avery thought provoking work and every word of it true. A terrifying glimpse of how we are and how we may soon be! We are all born equal it is just some become more equal than others! Brilliant work keep it up! XX

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