Life sucks so much like a dark tunnel that never ends, I keep on walking and colliding with the walls inside. Its hard to see the end of the tunnel, I cant even see the light coming from the end of the tunnel. As if I’ am standing still or walking with zero displacement. Walls behind me are closing down as I walk forward, they stop me from going back where I came from. I don’t know what to do, I’ am feeling cold, alone and lost but I’ am not scared though. I scream or yell and all I can hear is the echo of my voice, no one to look for me or care about me. I’ am guessing its just a period of my life in which I have to go through it. And I wonder does everyone has to go through the same period at one point in their life or its just me?




12 thoughts on “Life break down

  1. I think what you are experiencing is quite common, more common than is admitted openly. It was courageous of you to be open.

    Sometimes circumstances in life brings us to this point where we feel insignificant and unloved, even if our life appears the utmost in success. Sometimes we have a predisposition of depression, to put it very simply, because of our familial backgrounds.

    It hits me often during the holiday period or after an extended time of stress and needing to be reached out to but yet overlooked or condemned for needing TLC. Being exposed to unhealthy situations where I have no option but to endure inevitably leads me there.

    • Yeah you are right. But here is a dilemma, as you said before “circumstances in life brings us to this point”, do we bring those circumstance upon us because we choose/do something wrong? and if yes why do we always realize it after its too late to go back and change it?. Or maybe life just chooses somebody randomly and put him/her through these circumstances as a test, but why?.

  2. some times we feel like people don’t care about us when in reality the closet people who love us the most are pushed away but us. Its a phase which if we fight it will pass. kind of a deep sad post, not your usual..but still good.

  3. It seems you are quite depressed, depression can become very bad if it is not taken care of as soon as possible, one has to constantly surround themselves with people who love them, and like i said in your other post ” self destruct”, you have to take one day at a time, break the routine that you have now, i know as college men our basic routine is go to the university,play games, hang around with friends, and if you have a gf, also hang out with her, but i suggest you start putting into your routine something productive everyday, in your case you are an IT major, start studying once a day( if you already are studying, start doing something to broaden your horizons on the learning department, my son managed to make a small online business when he was in university) now i’m not saying that’s what you should do, i’m just saying find something which will keep you very busy.. I hope you figure it out.. I am giving a lot of advice i know, its the psychiatrist in me.. 🙂

      • hahahaha.. yeah most people believe that what i do is crap, and it never really works, but really in reality all we do is help people fix their own problems by just being their mirrors.. we sit in a chair, listen to you talk and mirror back what you said so that you understand it from a different perspective, then you as the patient you finally see your problems and their solutions from a different perspectives.. That way you are able to figure out what you need to do to get through this huddle!! 🙂

  4. Its a season… we all have those seasons. I tell myself they’re seasons of transition from one thing to the other. Kind of like that blank screen before the movie plays, or the darkness of night before the sunrise. Where all is silent and you feel isolated… its not always as it seems. You’re just passing through. Keep walking…

      • I can’t say for sure, but I think like any season it changes in its time.. just like when winter comes you cant really hurry it along, it will just change to spring when its ready… I kind of see it as the same thing. Every season is for a reason.. a lot of times in dark places we learn something or find something positve we wouldnt have without going through them you know? Its just one of those things we have to face. Honestly, I dont have a lot of answers, I just try to make sense of what I see. I know where you’re coming from though

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