So I guess we all heard the good news of capturing and then killing Muammer Gaddafi (Libyan president). I saw happy people, excited, cheering up and firing guns in the air as a sign of victory. “We killed the killer, we killed the enemy” they chanted, lets be honest here, they are right. The Ex-president killed many people, stole almost all the country’s money. A Libyan citizen makes less than $2 a day, pretty small salary to support a family. He put his sons in command of half the army and also prepared his older son to take over the country, it became like a kingdom, which is ironic because El-Gaddafi himself fought against the royal family and kicked hem out. He was related to some terrorist attacks on foreign lands plus he supported some outlaw militiamen to kill his oppositions. Such a dark and bloody history pages he wrote, he ruined his image from hero to zero.

Im guessing you saw the videos rotating on-line showing him, in-case you haven’t :

Now judging from the video I don’t think he deserves to be on the floor as a dead meat with people slapping or hitting him. He was unarmed, he was almost dead, he was bleeding and badly injured, at-least show some mercy or sympathy. What kind of religion allows such a behaviour, not Islam, not Christianity, not Judaism, not buddhism, etc…. I mean the man is 69 years old. Im not saying don’t judge him or put him in person, of-course no, he should be JUDGED by court in-front of everyone and pay for all of his dirty work or killed based on the court rules. We as a humans should be able to control our anger and hate towards other people, we aren’t animals!!.

Am I right or wrong?


15 thoughts on “Humiliation of Humanity

  1. Under the Geneva Conventions which lay down the rules of conduct in armed conflict, it is prohibited to torture, humiliate or murder detainees.
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which upholds respect for the 1949 pacts, said it had no information on Gaddafi’s death. “In general, a captured person must be treated correctly,” an ICRC spokesman said.
    “If Colonel Gaddafi was killed after his capture, it would constitute a war crime and those responsible should be brought to justice,” Claudio Cordone, senior director at Amnesty International, said in a statement.

  2. I agree! You know what I have been through and even at my highest point of hatred for the man, I stopped several people from literally killing him (I knew people back then in my drug dealing days that would have done it without a thought) and I told his mom when he was so strung out on herion that he would surely have died within a month or two had I not alerted her to his condition. You’re right, we are not animals. Justice was deserved but through the proper means, not like that. Great post!! Peace, love and blessings, Terri

      • Not to me it’s not! I always said that I wouldn’t stoop to his level, isn’t that what they did here? I would definitely thinks so! Peace, love and blessings as always…

  3. No you are not wrong, but God sits and weeps in face of all that is done in his Names ( he has many) In the singular we meet human who are good , honest. true, kind, God honouring and fearing and sensible but multiply this one by any number and you get a baying vicious pack! Gaddafi was evil he showed no mercy to his enemies, no honour to his people or his foes. A bad man. But we should all be better humans ……………. then again they say you live by the sword you die by the sword , don’t they ……… do I ? I have not yet had to find out and I pray God , who ever he or she is that I never have too.

    • “you live by the sword you die by the sword” a nice line. But what i saw from those barbarians in the video is “you live by the sword you die by hundreds of vultures beating you up”

  4. Agreed man ,,,, is just not right ,, i have no idea how they related to Islam and they say is victory for Islam !! moreover am sure before they murdered him and his son , those people have tortured him with all kind of ways !!
    SHAME ON THEM !!!!!!!

  5. The world we live in is not one we can understand, the works of governments as a whole just make it so difficult to trust anything the media tells us. And humans celebrate and take things to another level that they should not, like the way everyone was treating this man after his capture, it was just plain disgusting! But all we can do is try make a change to the world as a whole by making a small change at a time. Great post mate.. Ill be following your blog through my email. you have very interesting insights. 🙂

    • What im afraid its too late now to make changes, we cant raise the died. We can protect the alive who are 2% of the world i guess :).
      Lies made by government and media feeding us rotten food (like you mentioned) has spread through out our bodies. only the few can choose what believe

  6. I was asked many times before concerning this incident “why didn’t they put him up for trial?” or heard a comment such as “this is too much, that is totally unfair”

    Here was my reply….

    1- You are trying to judge an insane action with a sane reaction, that cannot be applied.

    2- You don’t know how many wives were raped in-front of their husbands and children slaughtered in-front of their fathers or brothers died in their brothers’ arms; you only saw Qazafi being kicked and punched to death. Imagine standing right their with a memory of a dead family member because of him. what would you have done?

    I would tell you… you would have done nothing but that, and maybe much more; because simply… avenging a loved one cannot be calculated.

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