Tonight it is going to be just you and me,

Tonight I will kiss you,

Tonight we will stay close forever,

Tonight I am going to tell you how beautiful you are,

Tonight you will be my lady,

Tonight I am going to be you humble servant,

Tonight you are my only queen,

Tonight, stars will disappear from the sky and you will be my only star,

Tonight we will dance over red rose’s paddles,

Tonight I will see the moon glare’s of your eyes,

Tonight I will show you the true pure love,

Tonight we are staying on bed all night long,

Tonight will be the night, which you wish, will last forever,

Tonight you will be mine and I will be yours,


18 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. this is so so beautiful.. very beautiful.. i hope u have this poem inside ur heart with u all the time ❤ this is the best among all.

  2. wooww!! It seems like the night will be filled with fiery passion and so much love!! 🙂 i jumped to your blog from Miss Abichica from http://chicpress.wordpress.com/.. and she writes exquisite poetry, but i have to say you also write with so much emotion, no wonder she is always recommending you.. 🙂

    • yeah thats my gf’s blog buddy. she is very talented and an amazing writer, she has a very bright future. But with me, im just ruining her future with my problems.

      • hahaha!! lol, you sound just like every man who ever lived.. Isnt it extraordinary how we men always believe that we are so strong and so right about everything, while on the other hand we feel insecure to the point of pushing our women away because we think we are ruining their lives?? :-D.. but anyway buddy, you and your gf are really talented.. 🙂

        • hahaha im serious man, after i changed and start pushing her away or blaming her for not giving me my space, she stopped writing and always sad for me. And im that kind of people who dont like to ask for help or accept any help from people (its bad i know), mostly because i have been always doing everything on my own (my dad just pushes me to go and i continue on my own)

  3. lol, I get the feeling that you are a man with a lot of pride, so anyway, from what i have seen from your gf’s blog, she seems to still be writing, very sad and hard heart felt poem, but she is writing, so i dont think you are making her stop writing.. Asking for help is the hardest thing to do for a man with so much pride, but im guessing if you are pushing your gf away( or anyone else who tries to help you) it is because they care for you that they are trying to help.. You need to ask yourself this, do you want to live your life alone by alienating everyone, or do you want to succeed and get past this hard time.. 🙂

  4. The love of a good woman is hard to find.. with only cheating lying whores available now days.. when you find a good one hold on to her tight..nicely written bro..

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