She is like buy me a chocolate,
She is that girl who flies over the cloud when I give her a lollipop,
Her heart pounds fast when I in-box her,
She could hardly stand when she sees my call,
She is a child inside,
The simplest things gets’ her over excited,
I swear I could see a child in-front of me,
Hold your horses their reader,
I’m not a pervert, she my 24 years old girl-friend,
I can promise when I reach 50 with her,
I’ll still have the memory of being with a 25 hahaha,
She is a girl who forgives you if you hug her tight,
She is a child inside who feels happy in an amusement park,
With a cotton candy in her hand and chocolate in the other,
She still gets butterflies when seeing her man,
And still shy when making love,
She is my baby girl,


8 thoughts on “Baby Girl

  1. this is lovely, long may you enjoy each other in this sweat and uncomplicated way may she still be your baby girl when you both reach 70yrs. Blessed is innocence happy and favoured is joy revel in it all for as long as you can. xxxx

  2. wooww dude, you seem to be deeply in love.. i myself have not had the pleasure to be truly and completely in love.. i think that you are so lucky to have found the one they love so soon in their lifetime.. not many of us are that lucky.. great poem!! 😀

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