Looking outside my window to street life in a dark rainy night,

Wondering how it feels like to have someone loving you unconditionally,

How other kids live their life without a secure blanket?

What do they have?

Thinking how is it like to have someone to run to when I’m scared or to lift me up high to the sky,

I would love a story before bed time or a warm kiss from my mother on cold night,

I want to know how it feels when I hide from my dad under my bed after breaking something of his,

Or a dad’s yell when I mess up his room,

And then he hugs me when I’m sad or sorry,

How does it feel to be in-between parents’ hug?

Or sleep together on a cold night,

I saw kids wishing death on their parents,

I tell them show me where else can I find those things?

You don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it,

I open my drawer and didn’t find any memories of my life,

My mom picking me up and dad dropping me off at school on his way to work,

With a kiss before I leave, and my lunch packet,

How does it feel like to have old photos of me growing up?

Or memories I smile at on a family dinner table,

People appreciate what you have even if you don’t feel it,

Or imagine your long life term without what you hate,

Even though I don’t know how all that feels I dream about it all day and night long,

Sometimes I wish to sleep forever because,

In my dreams I see two faceless parents taking care of me,

They are warm and cuddly….


11 thoughts on “Orphan’s hope

  1. hello!! i jumped on here from http://chicpress.wordpress.com/ and i have to say i am glad i did.. I’ts times like these when we need to examine our lives and ask ourselves ” what are we doing to help and make the world a better place” ? .. this just touched my heart so deeply.. thank you for sharing..

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