People don’t understand why we are together,

Nor do they see why,

They have told me to let you go and find a better one,

I just smile and told them beauty is in the eyes of its beholder,

They laughed at me like I’m desperate to be with anyone,

They dared me to flirt with girls and called me a girl when I refused,

I told them I’m manlier than you to keep my woman happy all the time,

They looked down at me saying “you couldn’t find a girl from your own people?”

I told them we all are one nation, came from Adam and Eve,

They did everything to push me away from her,

I was asked why not a girl with the same religion?

I said why I should refuse a woman, who I trust,

Why refuse a woman, who keeps my house clean,

Why say no to the woman, who will raise my children on the best foundation ever,

Love, peace and harmony bring people together,

With peaceful discussion we can meet in the middle,

Some years after that I met my friends on a vacation,

I met John wandering on the beach looking for his woman, who left with a man after a beach party,

I met Ahmed and saw his sad face, on the other side of the road I saw his woman in a brand new Benz with a rich man,

I saw Lim, and he’s divorced over an argument with his wife of the same religion,

I guess it’s my time to laugh at them and be thankful for what I have as I told them before.


10 thoughts on “Why No

  1. The greatest love in the world is never understood, your writing is impeccable, and it’s so beautiful.. You should write a book buddy!! 😀

  2. You write very beautiful poetry, this one indeed is my favorite. Sometimes the world fails to see why two people are together, and it makes things hard for the two within the relationship, but as long as they love each other completely and wholly, they make it and live happily( until the next fight that is :-D)

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