Like an angel you sleep next to me,

Your face light up the room even when you sleep,

The magic of your face is indescribable,

My heart bounds faster when I’m next to you,

I don’t know what is it that drives me crazy when you asleep next to me,

I never want to sleep,

I just want to gaze at your cute face,

And enjoy the calmness you bring to my heart,

 Knowing that I might loose you someday,

Bring tears to me cheeks and goose pumps all over my skin,

You bring joy to my life in the day and comfort in the night,

I can never wish more,

Because you are giving me more than what I want,

I don’t know even know how to describe how much I’m luck to be with you,

I’m writing this poem just by looking at you when you sleep,

Imagine if I tried to write this while you are awake,

I don’t know if I love you more asleep or awake,

Like an angel you sleep,

Time is made up of hearts and hugs when I’m with you,

And waiting passionately when you are away,

Baby girl every breath you take gives me a new hope, life, joy, love, strength,

With you next to me is all I wanted and wished for,

You gave me emotions I never thought I have them,

You showed me love more than I have ever dreamed,

With you I have realized what I wished for I just a beginning for what you have…..


7 thoughts on “Like an angel you sleep

  1. This is a great one mate! It seems you have been lucky enough to find that special one all humans search for. 😀 Good for you buddy. I myself have been married for 30 years, hahaha.. seems like such a long time i know, but they are the best years of my life, i love my wife more than life it’s self. anyway.. all im trying to say is hang on to what you found because you might lose it any day. good job mate! 🙂

    • 30 years of marriage, im sure if you sit alone in a cool weather you will never regret every single memory with your wife. I believe this is what true love all about.
      I congratulate you buddy…
      whats your secret lol 😀

      • No secret mate.. you just have to be truly in love.. I love my life more than my next breath..lol.. that might sound crazy, but i would do anything to put a smile on her face. Thats why we lasted so long. 🙂

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