The shelter of my life,

The 1st man to lift me with love when I was crying,

He taught me how to walk, run, and played with me all the time,

You lifted me up the stairs to the 7th floor, with a smile and hug,

Like an elevator to comfort me,

Your hugs are my secure blanket,

In a fortress like safe house safe from any intruder,

I remember you throwing me up high in the air,

As if I could touch the clouds,

And I was never afraid to fall,

You are my father with me,

No harm could touch me,

You always felt the pain inside me,

And has the words to say that lifts me up,

I don’t remember you letting me down anytime,

And if you did, it was for my own good,

Another lesson from your river of knowledge,

You didn’t expect anything in return from me,

I was overwhelmed by his love every day for me,

You take me everywhere and show me off as your elder son,

Proud with your chest high in the sky,

Like a king crowning the knight after a long war,

“He is my son and the seed of my success” You boast proudly,

My life darkens like an infested bacterium crawling around me when he isn’t around,

Your courage cuts through my darkness softly like a knife to the cake,

Thank you for teaching me all I know, and still pouring your knowledge onto me,

Expecting nothing in return, but to see me a successful person,

You take my hands and taught me how to write,

With patience and love, no matter how long it toke me to write,

Your strong hands were always my guide,

Your strength by my side,

I can jump to the skies,

You push my limits further away that it fades through my eyes,

And with your support I managed to cross it,

And now I write this with a gratitude and honor and appreciation to be your son,

He loved me at my worst,

And pushed me out of it,

He will do anything to help me,

You saw my future even before I dream of it,

Through your eyes I can see a happy family,

Like a God you have always kept an eye on us,

Even in your sleep, a dream of your happy family lighten up your day,

I can’t imagine our lives without your presence,

Like a dull black courting blocking the sunlight, our life would be,

Forever you will live in our hearts and when the day comes,

Before you I shall die,

You hold the family like a pillar from the Roman Empire,

Work every day and night to support us and yet you come home with a smile,

To shelter us from your pain,

Like lighting you cut through the dark skies to enlighten our days,

Like a father from heaven sent to us on an angel’s wings,

A father, A dad, A friend, A colleague….. You will always be.



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