my life just turned upside down, it is. never thought i will live without you for a long time. yeah a week maybe , but i can’t imagine not touching you.
i dont know what im gonna do without you here, i have always counted on you for comfort with im stressed or lost in life. u always had the answers and knew how to deal with me.
every place in this country reminds me of you, we did everything together. our memories are graved on every street.
im really sorry i didnt give you all the love you deserve
im sorry i hurt you sometimes
im sorry for everything i ever did that, made you sad
and for the thing i did or said that was about to make you sad
if i could i would freeze time so you dont leave me
im sorry for the horrible days i put you through

3 thoughts on “I MISS YOU BABY

    • my friend , make sure you tell the person you love how much you love them and care about them. Make sure you resolve any conflict as fast as possible, life is short, before that day comes and you wish you can spare 1 minute with them.

  1. Everything you say in the reply above is true but in life some relationships just will not work. This a brilliant post full of emotion. If it a real life situation that you are living I send you comfort and hope you will soon outgrow this pain. xxxx

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