On a day like this

I heard the softest calm voice ringing in my ear,

A violin can’t play that tune,

Softer than a flute,

Played with my heart beats like a humming bird singing from a tree on the spring,

I can’t describe the feeling,

One of those moments I have never felt in long time,

A song very charming among the crowds,

To my heart it’s the source of life,

Taking it away from me would destroy my colorful life,

Turned and looked at you,

Everything  I ever wanted I found in your smile,

With you it’s all I need,

Worries fade away and stress washed away with your smile,

Life doesn’t matter anymore as long as we are together,

Im saying this I can’t hide it,

One of those perfect moments,

Up high on clouds,


Truthfulness and honestly im falling for your pretty eyes,

Im crazy about you,

First poem I write in years and its for you,

Oh dear you are pretty

It’s my secret im keeping inside,


When im with you,

Eye to eye,

A precious angle I see

From first sight I start wondering when tomorrow will come to be with you,

I will sell my soul for a day with you,

Give all my tomorrows for a moment with you,

Counting my days and night out of my longing for you,

I miss the small moments we have, smile, tease, joke, laugh, even hitting you,


Fear tomorrow we will only have the memory of those days,

Long lasting memories of our few days,

Those days my eye will blame me for not seeing you,

My only answer ….

I plead guilty,

You are the one I dreamed off,

Your laugh your eyes your soft hair,

Oh dear, give me your hand and lets go away,

I feel alive every time you look at me,


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