I’m a university student, currently studying in Limkokwing University. I’m hopping to finish my course asap which is Bachelor in Game Technology,. I love traveling and meeting new people around the world, I hate to have only one point of view it’s nice to have many points and discussing it with people. I respect others’ opinions even if they are different from mine. I really enjoy debating about anything… I like rough sports like Rugby,Football(Soccer),Basketball….etc.

I have a hard time expressing my feelings or showing them, i keep everything inside me. I only deliver happiness and smiles. It’s a problem especially for my girlfriend, but i have been like this all my life. I hate to show weakness so I’m guessing that’s why I don’t show emotions. So i hope writing poems might help me to express my emotions πŸ˜€

Oh before I forget IΒ have a photography blog as well, check it out if you are freeΒ http://ingeniouslight.wordpress.com/

For any question or if you wanna chat Email me  – mohd.elfakharany@hotmail.com –


13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Mr Memo thank you for visiting my page.You have a beautiful site , unfortunately I am unable to visit for long today as I have to go out but now I know you are there I shall be back for a proper visit very soon. I have only been here on wordpress a couple of months and it is so good to meet another poet in fact you and another poet both visited my site at similar times! so I have met two this morning!
    I wish you great success with your Degrees and I hope that many doors open to you as you obviously have a lot of talent! I hope your poetry helps you emotional as it does me. I find I can work through my demons and hopeful grow and keep learning. So keep well and keep happy and power to your pen! willow

  2. Hello your blog is an inspiration and thought provoking . in this twisted blogosphere. your endless talent for working and shaping words in to creations of beauty is profound. therefore I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. πŸ™‚
    Be well, be happy and Power to your pen. xx

  3. Willowdot 21 has added a link to your world of blogging and this is the purpose of my visit today my friend, of course now that I have been directed here I will return later and journey through your Space in more detail, perhaps even offering my thoughts upon your written pieces and any photography that you may have shared here…

    I wish you a very nice rest of
    weekend and good luck with
    your studies πŸ™‚


  4. Hey buddy!! i wanted a way to talk to you so this is the best possible way, and you can delete this message after you read it.. πŸ™‚ I was commenting on your gf’s blog and trying to give her my advice like i did with you ( but i guess i overstepped my boundaries somehow, lol i do that a bit, if you can ask around the blogsphere :-)) anyway she told me to please stop giving you advice because it ends up biting her in the butt, i’m guessing what she is saying is to stop advising and talking to you because you are blaming her ( i’m not sure why you would, i’m guessing you are doing as you told me you like to do, blame her for your troubles) for me trying to help.. I’m sorry if i overstepped my place buddy.. i didnt mean to seem like i’m trying too hard to be in your space or your gf’s space.. It definitely will not happen again. All the best to you for all your future en-devours.. πŸ™‚

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